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For Instrument Donors

If you have a school in mind, click here to visit the donation page. You can fill out a bit of information about yourself and some info on the instrument. We’ll send a note to the school for you (if there is someone at the school with an Instruments in the Cloud account) letting them know about your generous gift.

If you aren't sure where to donate, you can click here to view a list of schools that need the instrument you plan to donate. You can choose a school from the list. Then, as above, fill out the information and we’ll send a note to the school for you, letting them know about your awesome gift.

In both cases, you can click on “receive a donation receipt” when you submit, and we’ll send you an email with a donation receipt for your records. (Note: If you need to assess the value of the instrument, please visit an appraiser prior to donation.)

Then drop off your donated musical instrument to the school’s front desk. And last, sit back and relax, feeling good about supporting schools in need. You’ve given your musical instrument a new home!

For Music Educators

For music educators, Instruments in the Cloud is a free resource. Educators can quickly create a searchable online wish list for school music programs so that potential donors can easily respond.

The site also serves as a free online musical instrument inventory system that allows teachers to track, manage, and share new and donated musical instruments. Teachers can also search other schools’ inventories for available instruments that aren’t currently in use, so that they can share those instruments with students who can’t afford to purchase or rent them.

Create a Wish List

Instruments in the Cloud’s wish list feature provides a quick and easy way for teachers to create an online registry for musical instruments needed by their school music programs. A wish list takes only 5-10 minutes to complete. Click here to create an account and get started.

View Wish Lists

As teachers complete wish lists, Instruments in the Cloud showcases a dynamic database of needs throughout the state. Using this feature, musical instrument donors will be able to more effectively target their donations.

Manage and Track Inventory

Instruments in the Cloud serves as a free online musical instrument inventory solution to:

  • Catalog and manage existing instrument inventories
  • Add new instruments
  • Search for available instruments from surrounding schools
  • Request to borrow an instrument from another school for those students who cannot afford to purchase or rent them

Share Musical Instruments

Share instruments across your network of schools. We make it easy to know exactly how your instruments are being used, so if you have an extra violin, and need a spare flute, you'll know who to contact.

To get started, teachers can upload an inventory list via CSV file or manually add each instrument to the list. Sharing settings allow teachers to control which specific instruments are available to other schools or districts.