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By the Numbers:

30 musical instruments donated initially to the school

90 students now part of its instrumental music program

Successful School Music Programs

Frogtown Neighborhood, St. Paul, Minnesota

In 2012, St. Paul City School’s music director, Robin Thorson, contacted Vega Productions. Her school’s students, faculty and administration all wanted to create the school’s first instrumental music program.

Vega Productions provided the school with more than 30 musical instruments, and continued to provide support in the form of instruments for their students, the majority of whom qualify for free and reduced lunch.

Now in its fourth year, St. Paul CIty School’s instrumental music program has 90 out of 110 middle school students as participants, and the program is self-sustaining.

Vega's work with SPCS is one of the organization's greatest accomplishments, as we worked (and continue to work) hand-in-hand with the school, district and community to create a vibrant music program that is accessible to each and every student.


Hmong College Prep Academy

Donors Enjoy Making a Difference

“It was such a pleasure to donate our clarinet to the St. Paul schools. The process was so smooth and satisfying. I was having trouble finding a way to donate the instrument locally, so I was so excited when a friend in [St. Paul] responded to my Facebook call for suggestions. Makes me wish we still had the trombone and oboe my husband and I played in our youth!”

- Anne R., St. Paul, MN


West Side Summit Charter School

Teachers Find Value In The Free Resources We Offer

“The instruments have been a big hit! Thank you so much for the organization’s donation and continued interest in our students’ musical growth. One student randomly came up and hugged me one day and said, “Thank you for band!” Vega Productions’ instrument donation is a big reason our school could provide band for these students this year and into the future. Band day (Tuesdays) is such a joyful day for the school each week and it is because we can hear these students enthusiastically tooting away on the instruments.

Again, thank you so, so much for bringing music to the lives of these students.”

- Karen K., Executive Director at West Side Summit Charter School, St. Paul